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Introduction Class: Walking the Wheel of the Year

  • Temple Los Angeles (map)

A modern perspective diving in and out of the reconstructed modern pagan and Wicca Wheel of the Year in the framework of our landscape, weather, and the subtle shifts of season in the LA area.

This first class will trance the whole year and meet the spirit of the cycle and season, the time and tide.

You are welcome to take some or all of the following classes as we move through the whole of the year. Solstices, equinoxes and gates of fire and change, as we find ways with each turning that are current with our lives in LA, and still touch the spirits and divinities in each gate of power, and rite of passage.

  • 8 Classes total with monthly email prompts to add to and be part of the whole of the spirit of the year.
  • Altar suggestions
  • Physical Classes in and outdoor
  • Field trips to parks and locations to best capture the moments of class.
  • We'll have opportunities to craft, cook, make, meditate through ritual means, and make personal connections regardless of our roots to the local spirits and divinities through the model of the wheel of the year; reconstructed through the practices the facilitator has created, and how the group will craft them together.
  • You will leave the intro class with a strong understanding of how this all works, regardless of your tradition.
  • In participating in each class throughout the year you will trance the year and transform your magickal/spiritual practice.

Tuition: $40 per class
Ticket for the intro class and the whole series available in the shop
No one turned away for lack of funds, please talk to me if you are interested and can only afford part of the tuition. 

All skill levels welcome however we suggest a standing practice in magick or meditation and energy work.

Location: Intro will be in Glassell Park off Verdugo, details will come as we resolve the date with the actual location.

Our Schedule will follow the Wheel of the Year and if you want to plan in advance for attending the classes:

  • Winter Solstice: December (late December)
  • February: Imbolc (Gate of Fire) beginning of month
  • March: Spring Equinox (mid-March) --and we suggest attending the local festival if you are open to it
  • May: Beltane (beginning of May, Gate of Fire)
  • June: Litha or the Summer Solstice (mid to late June)
  • August: Lammas (Gate of Fire) start of month
  • September: Autumn Equinox Mid to late September
  • October: Samhain (Gate of Fire), we also recommend the local festival if you are able and interested.

That's nine classes total with the Introduction.

Notes and FYI's

If you have accessibility needs please let us know and do not let that deter you from participating.

  1. We do use natural scents, smoke, incense, water, essential oils.
  2. Our space that has been newly offered is on a street corner, and has a small step into space. Bathroom on premise.
  3. Dogs are often with us if they are well behaved, mindful, and under supervision.
  4. Please no small children. Young adults, tweens and teens, are welcome with a parental guardian if they are able to do the practice. Otherwise think of what you learn as a take away to share with your kids and family.
  5. In the instance we are brining food (for later classes), all foods will be gluten free, and Vegetarian or Vegan depending on group. If you are Vegan we adjust, otherwise it's Vegetarian.
  6. We are an all bodies space.
  7. We are practicing from a mixed method space of Magick, Witchcraft, and eclectic. We are open to brining in and weaving the narrative from various traditions. We do not suggest participating if you are a purist, or come from a space that your witchcraft or spirituality is better or more informed.
  8. THIS IS WORK. The teaching is based on practice. That means you will be required for your own work to set time aside to participate in these practices. There is no fail or pass.
  9. If you are participating in the whole series RSVP's and payments with no shows, skips, or constant "something came up," are probably indicators that you aren't in the work. That's okay. Maybe next time. We keep the payment for holding your space.

If you have any questions feel free to EMAIL (do not facebook message us) at [ Infowitch @ ]

All classes led by Scott K Smith

Scott is a Healer, Writer, Teacher, and Priest. Scott's work combines the esoteric + magickal arts of various studies in mystery traditions, a large body of private and public work ranging from healing, ritual, art, speaking and crafting, for liberation.

A Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft, Witch, and a Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher and multi-disciplined healer combining an extensive history in treating others, working transformation, and magick with people since the the early 90's, professionally. Their work crosses hedges, tribes, and ideologies.

Scott's clients are diverse and across the spectrum as The Work transcends class, ideology, and tribe while remaining centered in queerness, love, wisdom, power and magick, and diverse ancestral roots.

Liberation through power, love, and wisdom is at the core of their work.