Scott K Smith

Scott is a Healer, Writer, Teacher, and Witch-Priest. Scott's work combines the esoteric + magickal arts of various studies in mystery traditions, a large body of private and public work ranging from healing, ritual, art, speaking and crafting, for liberation. 

A Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft, Witch, and a Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher and multi-disciplined healer combining an extensive history in treating others, working transformation, and magick with people since the the early 90's, professionally. Their work crosses hedges, tribes, and ideologies.

Scott's clients are diverse and across the spectrum as The Work transcends class, ideology, and tribe while remaining centered in queerness, love, wisdom, power and magick, and diverse ancestral roots.  

Liberation through power, love, and wisdom is at the core of their work. For more information visit their site:

I see you. I see your light and shadow, and together we can find the beauty and strength in that through practice-centered, soul-engaging healing and transformation.