We are magick. We are made of Love and beautiful Otherness. At Temple Los Angeles we are cultivating inclusive spaces of divinity, witchcraft, and education. We want to partner with magick-makers, pagans, spiritual folk, and the wild and free in rites, ritual, and revelry. Our circles are modeled out of Temple of Witchcraft, eclectic local practices, in an Aquarian model. 

Temple Los Angeles is here to offer ministries and services, for and with  the greater community. We hold book-studies, monthly classes, and host private and public events, with an inner and outer circle system. Our inner Group is private and membership is welcomed yearly in the summer. We have classes and events at Mostly Angels LA, The Green Man Store (healing and oracular services), and at pop-ups and private events around the SoCal area including private residences, soul-crafted personalized classes, hosting #witchsocials, and park events for community. 

With a deeply held respect for the Magickal-Divine in all traditions, Gods, Divinities, Nature, and Humanism Scott K Smith, and guest magick-makers are able to offer seasonal ritual, Sabbatical journeys, and ceremonial spaces; rites of creation and beginnings, sustaining and nurturing, and endings and passages. 

The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.
— Margot Adler, Drawing Down the Moon

Ministerial Services

Blessings, clearings, ritual, ceremony, passages, more infomration here.

Healing Requests

Do you have a healing request? Please visit our Healing Requests page. We do monthly healings.