Supporting the Temple

Thank you for supporting us.
A lot has gone into creating this space in Los Angeles from classes online to spaces such as Open Eye Crystals, Mostly Angels, the Crystal Matrix, the Green Man Store, and of late the Patreon page. Every donation helps when we are building a ground up experiences with limited funding and community support. Every dollar helps.

We gratefully accept donations to the Temple.

My hope is that I can create enough momentum that we can create a living community space and pay the volunteers. As the Temple LA is a registered business in the greater SoCal area, this is possible with the right funding.

How you can support us

Support the Witch-Priest through PATREON and learn magick, meditation, and more while books are being made that will be available through the Temple! This also pays for rents, materials, and every day items that come out of pocket, while supporting the witchcraft, Magick and wonder.

Make a Donation! When you pay towards classes, or donate to the through the or PayPal.


Your donations…

  1. Pay for fundamental services such as online outreach, maintaining website, helping with tuitions, contributing to the dedicated healing room and altar, and many other expenses that are usually out of my pocket.

  2. Pay towards the future of our work here. I have currently opened a savings for the Temple Los Angeles. We do not have a separate working-space that is dedicated to our work, but we are investing in that future.

  3. Go towards fundamental and regular payments I make to keep this work vital and alive. Your contributions help to make that possible. It pays for continuing classes.

  4. Donations help other students from other socio-economic backgrounds participate with gratitude. It creates scholarship positions.

  5. Your donations fund this minister in training and allow for me to dedicate no-paid "work" hours and days towards community, communing with Spirit, writing, creating new materials unique to our area, and bring magickal spaces, classes, gathers, and more to you.

  6. Classes, you can mark donations with “class” and I offer these as scholarships for other students who wish to learn.

  7. You are helping to grow the work!

When you make a donation to the Temple Los Angeles we honor you in the newsletter (we respect your privacy), and as we grow, in new and loving ways.