We graciously offer


for your healing requests

We have a dedicated healing altar at our home that is a constant flow of healing energy. On it we receive your requests, and place place light. Candle services are available in the shop. For healing requests please use the form below.

In the name of the Great Spirit of animating life that is love. In the name of the Goddess, and the God, we ask that those whose names are submitted here be restored to optimal and full health; that goals and intentions are attained through right action in the animate universe we all live and breath in. Through our diverse and loving circle of relations we ask that these requests be met with love, power, and wisdom for the healing that is needed for every name submitted, as is right for their well being and life. In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, let it be so.

Names and information is confidential. 
Thank you from Temple Los Angeles.

In love.

If you have it.. :)