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Gather: Nature's New Year Imprint Ritual in the Park

The Light and Life tide is rising!

January 17, 2016 1 - 3:00 pm

The next GATHER is off the grid of social media. To come you need to RSVP and get directions to location and what to do/bring.

It will be pre-Imbolc and invoking the energies awakening for the rising life and light tides in our lives.

Usher in the psychic energies of nature to seed for the spring. 
What do the light and life tide energies reveal about your life, adn the months to come?


This time of year we are focused on the Quickening energies of life. What is the potential, what can be felt? It may not be seen as the roots are just readying to push through earth for spring time energies again.

Another name given to this time is Feili Bhride, or the Brigid's Feast. Also, Candlemas, for it is a time associated with the light of candles. The Light is growing and the Spring is coming.

The light tide is expanding even tho winter is still with us...

At this time I have learned through the Temple of Witchcraft Teachings, among other references, that I consider this time of "Fire in the belly." At Imbolc, the fire is building in the belly in the ewe's belly, in our own belly, or in the belly of Mother Earth. We are strengthening the light within us and so the light in the world, while coaxing the psychic imprint that nature reveals in the birth of the green to come, and the birth of light within us.

What to bring

  • Paper, pens, and string will be supplied.
  • Please bring a seven day candle, or candle of your choice to use with the intentional work.
  • Any stones, objects, or special relics you have from your personal sacred work can be included in the altar and circle work.
  • Herbal blend supplied by Scott K Smith

What to expect

  • Ritual circle in semi-public space. Dress in ritual clothing optional. depending on weather we may want to dress warm.

  • Calling the Quarters, the local spirits, and Temple Spirits.
  • Some writing, some small crafting.
  • Meditation.


$15.00 (Venmo, Cash, Check or Square)

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I look forward to seeing you there. 

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