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Temple LA Presents: Magick and Divine Will at the Center for Spiritual Living

Join me for an open to the public presentation of Divine Will, Temple Los Angeles, and more at the Center for Spiritual Living in La Crescenta. 


Wednesday March 2nd, 2016

I am happy to present a little bit on Temple Los Angeles, the Magick of my craft, and an upcoming series inspired from by channeled materials, occultism, and theosophy: Divine Will Series. More about Divine Will below the map.

Time: 7 pm
Cost: Love donations are accepted
Location: 4845 Dunsmore Ave, La Crescenta, CA 91214


Divine Will

A seven month series

Based upon the Theosophical teachings of Madam Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, and the channeled works of Sanaya Roman, blended with the occult roots of it all, this Divine Will intensive will draw upon qualities and frequencies of the Higher Self. 


We will explore Seven Qualities of Divine Will. We will create a deeper connection and explore seven qualities of Divine Will, or the Wisdom of the Higher Self.  From the Oneness connection that our Higher Soul is connected, we will study qualities of the Seven Rays, Seven Masters, Seven Chakra's and the original Seven Planetary bodies including stones, herbs, colors and other correspondences to help ground aspects of the Divine Will.

Class will consist of:

  1. Introduction to Theosophy, Seven Masters and the Seven Rays. 
  2. Divine Will, preparing for the Rays: Merging with the Watcher, the Soul.
  3. The three Rays of Love, Will and Wisdom.
  4. Connecting to Divine Will, blending with our souls and connecting to the Seven Master energies, the Seven Great Ones.
  5. The Will to Initiate: Awaken new consciousness, and transmitting that will into all areas of your life. 
  6. The Will to Unify: Developing Vision, grounding and uniting with our Soul's energy to experience a moment to moment groundedness of these energies with connection. 
  7. The Will to Evolve: Becoming Wise. Opening up to Soul's Wisdom and perspective to make new choices and actions. 
  8. The Will to Harmonize: Deepening Intuition. Tapping into Harmony in times of conflict, or in personal life to create stability and balance through integration. 
  9. The Will to Act: Achieving Liberation. Using our connection to the Universal Mind to ACT with Soul. 
  10. The Will to Cause: Embodying High Ideals. Coming into our plans or thoughts and finding the underlying motivational forces, and learning to shift them with Divine Will.
  11. The Will to Express: Creating Divinity in Form. Creating from a Soul-Centered light. 
  12. Manifesting with Divine Will: Working the Seven Rays into Divine Manifesting. 
  13. Creating ideal or new relationships 
  14. Transmitting Divine Will
  15. Grounding and practical exploration of these Higher Frequencies

About the Center for Spiritual Living

Our Center is an affiliate of United Centers for Spiritual Living, located in Golden, Colorado. We ascribe to United Centers' Global Heart Vision, which strives for "A World that Works for Everyone." We believe that personal transformation ultimately creates global transformation. More about the Global Heart Vision can be accessed

We are a loving spiritual community that offers opportunity for personal growth and joyful self expression. We are passionately dedicated to welcoming a diversity of people, activities and ideas. We open our hearts and minds to the expression of compassion and the experience of personal growth as we live and practice Science of Mind Principles.


Scott K Smith