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Intro to Bird Wisdom with Stephanie Syd yang

Accessing bird wisdom is a powerful practice that so many of our ancestors engaged with for emotional and spiritual healing. Learn how to bring this practice into your life in this introductory class on Bird Wisdom.

This class will help you identify and connect to the birds speaking to you right now, as well as equip you with fun and easy practices to interpret the messages they offer. 

Divine messengers. 
Modern-day dinosaurs. 
Feathered friends. 
Urban scavengers. 
Critical seed dispersers. 

Birds carry all of these names, and more, and yet, this list barely scratches the surface of what the birds have to offer. As beings who have been on this planet since the time of the dinosaurs, they hold the wisdom of the Ancestors in their blood. the magic of survival in the flap of their wings, and the dance of yin and yang in the sharp bite of their beaks. Soaring through the sky or at rest in still water, birds can help us tap into the the divine wisdom waiting to speak to us. Do you know how to listen? 

How do birds catch your eye? 
Which birds peck at your heart? 
What birds have crossed your path today? 

Cost: $30 / $25 before Oct 9
includes all materials and a copy of my new book "Bird Wisdom: Accessing Powerful Message for Emotional + Spiritual Growth".


Thank you,

Scott K Smith