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Our next Dark Moon Community Circle: Election Aftermath

From Co_Magick Maker Stephanie Syd Yang.

Friends + Fellow Queer Healers.

How is your breath? How is your body?

This past week, post the election, has thrown so many of us into fear and anger -- and that is OK. It has stirred up past trauma and present day stress. This is real. SO many campaign promises are working to create a world where violence, distrust and anxiety run rampant -- and I am pretty sure this is not the world we want to be living in.

And yet, this is WHAT IS, right now.

To acknowledge what is, does not require us to condone or acquiesce to what is -- it simply is to acknowledge it. For many, even moving past a reactive state of denial has been hard. I get it. This is a very uncomfortable time for so many -- and for it to truly transform, we are being asked to get even more uncomfortable.

So, what does that look like in queer spiritual community? As a buddhist teacher once asked me: "If you were to accept what is, then what?"

Our next Dark Moon Gather will be on the 30th of this month, the last Wednesday of the month and we will be back at our usual gathering time of 7:30pm.

Please join if you are called to sit in circle, gather with other hearts in transformation, and build community as we explore that question -- the "then what?"

  • What is the world we long to live in?
  • What is the world we are committed to co-creating together?
  • How can we co-create that world in a interdependent and loving way?

For these Dark Moon Gatherings, LA Queer Healers is honored to partner with the Temple-LA meet-up group on this gathering and look forward to growing more interconnected and interdependent practice. We are building queer spiritual community!

Our next Dark Moon Gather will be on Wednesday November 30th at 7:30pm at my space in East Hollywood (RSVP for address). Let's start off the next moon cycle in loving community.

This is Free space and in the spirit of our Meditation + A Potluck meet ups, this will also be a potluck.

Bring yourself, a friend, a question (or a hope) and some food to share. Whatever you bring will be enough. Note: This is an open space and all are welcome to participate -- it is mixed in terms of race, class + gender. You do not have to be queer or trans* identified to attend - however, please know that this is an intentional space that centers the voices + experiences of queer + trans* folks and folks of color, and is qt/poc led.