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FULL! Not accepting additional RSVP's for Gather: OSTARA! Spring Equinox!

Spring Equinox with Temple LA, Los Angeles.

Drawing on the Ostara Tradition we will celebrate springs coming at the Equinox with spring blooms and a water ritual.

Suggested donation: $15

What to Expect?

  • A meet and greet, check in, small chanting and smudge (not white sage).
  • We will discuss the theme and the times. What is happening with us personally this spring, how we feel, what we're experiencing? What is happening in the nature around us?
  • Divination: Oracle cards, each pull one. Discussion.
  • Simple Ritual Space, calling into 13 directions. Invocation will include Temple Spirits, Lady of Flowers, Child of Light, Great Spirit, Queer Spriit, and our guiding spirits.
  • Meditaiton on Blooms, the Goddess as "The Lady of Flowers" and drawing that with us into the flower of the heart, the belly, and the mind.
  • Writing and the tying of messages to flower stalks with intentions we will discuss at the event to bring a little spring blooming bliss.
  • Ritual Close.
  • Snacks.
  • This event will again take place at my house. Please keep in mind that I can host a maximum of 12, so seating is limited.
  • IF YOU HAVE SPACE AND WOULD LIKE TO HOST, (in the LA area) all materials will be provide for you, and the space will suffice for the suggested donation.

I will have a special gift of flowers for each participant.


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Much love,

Scott K Smith