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2nd Annual Health, Holistic, and Metaphysical Fair

  • Center For Spiritual Living - La Crescenta 4845 Dunsmore Avenue Glendale, CA, 91214 United States (map)

I am excited to be a part of this amazing event once again. This time I join the Center for Spiritual Living under the Temple LA banner, and with allies in magick. I am pleased to announce that fellow Magick Makers Stephanie Syd Yang of, and Ambar Arias of @ShopManzanita will be joining me. 

About Stephanie Syd Yang, Blue Jaguar is Love

Stephanie Syd Yang / Blue Jaguar is Love: I am a mixed race (Taiwanese, European-American), queer healer who believes that community transformation begins by first accepting where we are, who we have been and then dreaming into what can be. The medicine I offer the world is deeply rooted in my relationship to the earth, the 4 elements and the magic we co-create with them. As a healer, I weave together shamanic and earth-based practices that are grounded in Buddhist principles of interdependence, impermanence and karma. My work focuses on the lived and inherited experiences of women of color and queer/genderqueer/trans people. My work also offers spiritual support for eating disorders, relationships + sexuality, and moving through grief + loss. Through my practice, I make Bird Essences (vibrational elixirs), Bird Medicine Candles and will be releasing my next book: Bird Wisdom: Accessing Powerful Messages for Emotional + Spiritual Growth in Summer 2016. More at: 

About Ambar Arias, Manzanita

LA native, natural witch, forever listening, learning, growing and creating. She believes that "Whatever we make with our hands and heart is worth sharing with the world." She is a creator of brilliant mini terrarium gardens, healing skin care potions, soaps and lotions, and even ceramics sacred, and profane. All of Ambar's offerings are made with a loving and magickal touch. More at:

About Temple Los Angeles

Combining an eclectic education with traditional teachings, new and old, we are working with local spirits, Goddess and Gods, angels and Fey, to awaken the Magick in our hills and valley’s once again. Temple Los Angeles is about building magickal community outside of traditions, but embracing all magick makers who choose to work with us. We have allies across the spectrum interested in the work, the earth, the soul, the magick, who see beyond the veils of religion and separation, and seek to blend love, will, and wisdom with us.We are an inclusive group, open and supportive of POC, Trans, Genderfluid, men, women, and magick makers of all walks and paths, who wish to be part of a new generation of magick makers and community in LA. More at:

About Scott K Smith, The Sacred Other

Scott Smith is a Witch, teacher, and healing practitioner. His craft draws upon the ancient and modern, blending Witchcraft, Reiki and other forms of Energy-Work, healing and Spirituality into his form of Spirit Space Healings, Guidance, Teaching, and Art.
He is a Student of the Temple of Witchcraft, Salem New Hampshire on a Ministerial Path to bring the craft and a Temple space to Los Angeles. His devotion lately has been to Love, Will, and Wisdom, and through his work in its many forms seeks to instill and awaken these deeply human and magickal principles. He creates sacred incense blends, healing oils, and offers a multi-modality healing approach including massage, various energy therapies, and other magickal methods. More at:

DETAILS From the Center for Spiritual Living

Saturday June 4th,
at 10 AM - 4 PM

Center for Spiritual Living - La Crescenta
4845 Dunsmore Ave, La Crescenta, California 91214

Our Center for Spiritual Living family is excited to announce our 2nd Annual “Health, Holistic and Metaphysical Faire."

Our mission is to provide an opportunity to unite health, holistic and metaphysical practitioners as one, to expand awareness and educate the various alternative healing practices that are available to the general public and practitioners alike. This event will consist of a wide variety, of the many practitioners in the health, holistic and metaphysical fields. 

I am delighted that we’re going to have in attendance, many of the exceptional healers we had at our last event, and am grateful for their participation, as well as the many new and interesting practitioners and vendors. 

Animals are just as important as people, and pets are considered to be part of the family and are healers in their own right; especially dogs who love you unconditionally. We have an animal healer, Lauren Amber Serna who’ll be offering Reiki and IET energy healing services for dogs. Appointment is necessary, so please contact: if you are interested in having a healing session for your dog. In addition, we’ll also have an Animal Communicator, Elizabeth Lee, who uses photos of your pet when conducting a reading. So please, make sure you have a photo of your pet if you’d like to have a session with Ms. Lee. 

Having holistic health and metaphysical events helps the general public become more accepting, and open-minded regarding alternative healing options. Our mission is that holistic health and metaphysical healing become more prevalent in today’s society. Holistic health and metaphysical healing is not intended to replace Western medicine, but to complement it. 

Some of our healers, vendors and activities include, but not limited to: 

Mari Fix - Sacred Sound Artist / Sound Healing and Sound Baths / Music for Meditation / Alternative Medicine practitioner into consciousness, realization, preserving the planet, indigenous ways and the arts

• Energy Healers
• Acupuncturist
• Chiropractor
• Intuitive Readers
• Spiritual Medium Artist
• Spiritual Guidance & Coach
• Holistic Psychotherapist and Cosmoenergy Magister
• Various holistic practitioners
• Natural body products
• Henna and face painting
• Gemstone jewelry
* Delicious food, Vegan snacks, raffles and more!

Facebook Event Page

Hope to see you there.

Scott K Smith