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Gather Ritual in the Park | Summer Solstice

  • Eleysian park Los Angeles, CA (map)

Time comes again to Gather as edgewalkers, mystics, and magick makers do. To celebrate the height of light and life, come into balance with the land, and spread that love out all over LA. 

This June we will Gather in the Park, honoring the Summer Tide and Hight of Light. 

We will also be scavenging and assembling our outer altar and sacred circle, triangle, spiral... whatever our shape becomes.

Gather is a meditation to commune with the Spirit of place. Chanting. Meditation. And then, seeking found things in the park, assembled into our working craft space. 

Our Workings vary in flavor but the essential of what we do is bring our own selves into balance with our nature, the nature around us, the light and life tides (also dark and release) into our spiraling bodies. 

Our simple ritual is invoking the spirit of place
Protection and clearing
Communing and spreading that balance out into the land, sky, trees, and roots of our area. 


You need heart and attention. A practice of meditation, ritual, and energy work is helpful but I'm experienced, as are some others in our group, with ritual and helping to guide and direct. 

Temple Los Angeles is expanding but we work with everyone willing to work with us in safe, and respectable ways. 

Please feel welcome to the work.

Sacred Objects to adorn the altar
Stones, Crystals, things that aid in your life. 
*I may add a special event item, please stay tuned via meetup or facebook pages.

Children welcome with a partner or person who will act as a minder. 
Well behaved dogs welcome. There are however Coyotes and other wildlife here, just keep companions under eye or if you cannot please we ask you to leave them behind. 

Elysian Park, or the Chavez Ravine is a powerful community space that has a sordid past that took from the people and spirit of place. The workings here gather many spirits of place. Nature and history calls as we work the balance here. 

This is a public space and we do sometimes get watchers, and distraction. We gather that as well as energy follows attention. 

I can seat 8 people in my car. If you are taking public transportation I may be able to arrange a pick up if we coordinate it right. I am early to Gather's to seek and find. 

No alcohol (it's a public space anyway)

COST: $15.00 (Venmo, Cash, Check or Square) Please do not feel put out if you have limited or fixed incomes. 

Ritual circle in semi-public space. Depending on weather we may want to dress warm, or cooler. 
Meditation style: Casual, 12/13 countdown, guided visualization. 
Calling the Quarters, the local spirits, and Temple Spirits.
Making of an all natural altar