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Dark Moon Community Circle with Blue Jaguar [is] Love - East Hollywood

Dark Moon Community Circle

June's Dark Moon Gather was incredible and powerful - thank you for all of you who shared space and hearts! We held such loving, healing and playful conversation. The next dark moon is soon upon on us in a few days  -- however given the July 4th weekend, we will be holding this gathering on Tuesday July 5th, in case folks are out of town or otherwise occupied this weekend. 

One of the suggestions that came up last month was to do some collective ceremony together this month -- so, for this, please bring: 

  • 1 candle (a color that speaks to you)
  • 1 item that represents what you are wanting to GROW more of in your life right now 
  • 1 item that represents what you are wanting to SEE more of in the world right now
  • (you will be able to take these items back home with you)

We will be designing and holding sacred space together that evening so how it unfolds entirely depends on who is in the room. I have found that collective ceremony in this way can be super creative and playful, as well as deeply moving and connecting. 

As before, LA Queer Healers will be partnering with the Temple-LA meet-up group on this gathering and look forward to growing more interconnected and interdependent practice. We are building queer spiritual community!

Our next Dark Moon Gather will be on Tuesday, July 5 at 7:30pm at my space in East Hollywood (RSVP for address). 

How can we offer up collective healing to our social and political spaces? How are we caring for ourselves and others during this time? How are you giving yourself the space to grow more into your beauty, strength and power? 

This is Free space and in the spirit of our Meditation + A Potluck meet ups, this will also be a potluck. 

Bring yourself, a friend, a question (or a hope) and some food to share. Whatever you bring will be enough. Note: This is an open space and all are welcome to participate -- and do not have to be queer or trans* identified to attend.

Please RSVP via:

Temple LA