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GATHER: Autumn Equinox

Gathering together again to create a Magickal space for the Autumn Equinox. We're launching off the Wheel of the Year teaching from the Mystery traditions, and soaring on ritual to form an altar out of found things, to create the space of Mabon, letting things fall. 

GATHER is a build an altar and circle event. We take fallen things, we design a magick space. We do our magick and leave the beauty of creation for others to find. We have a hard time with letting go, releasing. We culturally exult birth, preservation and the life and light tide. On this day we will focus on the waning light and life tide, and on letting go, by focusing on what leaves. What was full and now decays...

What does that mean to release? What does it mean to "let go" magickally with the earth? How is that balancing for our own personal alignment, and potentially to the earth and life around us?

Bring apples for the altar, rose quartz will be given to all participants. Ritual in the park, vision work, please feel welcome to bring items for outdoor altar you can carry in and out.

Vision work will be rooted in the seasonal release, letting go. And circle will release our magick into the roots. The underworld. Plan for seating, blanket or chair if needed as this is in the back of the Park; down the back, last path for privacy. Building an open circle out of fallen things. Chanting to raise energy. Vision work in the form of meditative ritual. Releasing on the form of cutting fruit, divination via tarot / oracle, and burial.

Please send a message with any questions.

Suggested donation: $10.00 / No one turned away for lack of funds. Donations go towards Temple Los Angeles for future events, gathers, essential functions, participants gifts (stones, incense, etc) and partially to the ministerial training I (Scott) am in. 

Circle points: What are we carrying that has ended and we need to let go? What is that responsibility? How does that affect our lives and our community? Our family (however that family is woven)? Gathering fallen things for Magickal space. Burying the work as a ritual act of the mystery. What was, what is, what will become? There is a facebook event for this page, but please RSVP via meetup so I have a headcount. If we are a smaller group we have a different dynamic than if we are larger, and the ritual can change based on the groups size. Please RSVP only if you are coming. 

Accessibility notes:  
This is a city park. There is plenty of parking. We are not hiking, and there are paved walkways to where we will be meeting. There are bathrooms but they are a short distance from the area we will be making magick. About Temple LA:

Temple-LA and LA Queer Healers have teamed up for these events and welcome you to GATHER. Temple LA is Queer owned, but open to all community who come in love and respect. A portion of our magick makers are students and friends we play with as well. It's a very diverse circle of folks.

Be welcome! 

Love ya. 

Scott K Smith