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Ancestral Magick

October opens the way for the ancestors, spirits, and relations that have gone before us. Join us as we get close to spirit relations and learn to discern who is a "good" relation and who is... not so good.

Some of us celebrate a commercial Halloween, or Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, and other old or new observations at this time to dance close in joy or reverence to our ancestors. 

We will begin with the crafting of an ancestral altar, that can include any of our beloved dead (all types, two and four legged, feathered, clawed, uncles, aunts, etc).

We will move into discussion on the practice of ancestral altars and connections. 

Topic of discussion: "Not all ancestors are good." and how to say no, walk away or disconnect from that energy. To discern who is speaking from opinion, and who is speaking from magickal wisdom.

We will create a magickal space and delve into the paths of blood and bone, water and stone, and explore our ancestor spirits via connecting to the right ancestor for our life inquiry at this time.

Come with the intention to lovingly connect, cunningly dissect, and wisely step into a new relationship with your ancestor spirits.

Known... and unknown.

$30.00 Cash, Check or Venmo, $33 cc
Bring a snack and come with questions
Add something the the Altar