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GATHER: A Weekly Community Movement and Meditation in the Park

  • Marsh Street Nature Park 2944 Gleneden Street Los Angeles, CA, 90039 United States (map)

Simple rituals and practice to start a day inspired this post. I'm inviting you for a morning of working with the elements, the body, and the energies of earth and sky. Meditation and Tree Breathing follow a form of body movement and breathwork to circulate your connection to the center through a flow of inhale and exhale to the four directions, and the three worlds: Above, Below, and Between. 

Marsh Park
2944 Gleneden St, Los Angeles, CA 90039
*I have the black Honda Pilot and the little black fluffy dog, Trixie.

This is a FREE event, as a community offering from my personal practice.

What is Earth Sky Meditation + Tree Breathing?
Earth and Sky Meditation is a simple movement and breath work exercise to connect to the rising tides of energy from the earth, and the sky. The tides of life and light, dark and change. To balance them in the body.

Tree breathing is an exchange of breath and energy wisdom with one of our relatives. There are a variety of trees in the Elysian Park, as it is an arboretum of sorts, including trees from around the world. The particular area I like for these types of walks is full of Eucalyptus, Oak, and many-many others. 

How we work

  • Beginning with the body and stretching, moving, and slowly stimulating our senses. Grounding and then exciting our energy through breath. 
  • We breath through our feet, our hearts, and our heads, drawing in the energy of the three worlds: Below, Between, and Above
  • Starting in the North we bring in the earth energies, and then East/Fire, South/Air, West/Water. Continually moving back to the heart space. 
  • We move the energy through breath and movement, feeling and knowing the element and the light in our being. 
  • We finish with tree breathing, connecting to trees and creating an experience of inhale and exhale with the Green. 

Why gather?
Morning practices are a great way to set the energy for the day, and by connecting to nature we help feed the cycles and tides magickal movement in our bodies. 

It's also an opportunity to connect with locals in an conscious, magickal, nature space. 

Accessibility notes:
This is not a formalized ritual.
This is a bit like Qigong, small movements, breathing, energy work. 
This is not a hike, but the LA river path is right near us. Let's have a drink or break fast after!
Some paved walking areas, some grass, where we will be working. 
Mindful children and socialized dogs welcome. 
No food or drinks provided. 
We are a QTPOC + Allies safe space.

See you then!

Scott K Smith