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Witchcraft 1: Inner Temple + Developing the Magick (MONTHLY)


This is an introduction, monthly meeting, to magick. It is an intersection of bookstudy, community building with classmates, and self-exploration of the hidden fire in all things. Magick! 

We call it an eclectic Witchcraft 101. 

First Class in September in Culver City, CA.

Topics include:
• History of Witchcraft
• What is Witch
• Fire and Light
• Meditation as the foundation practice
• Energy Work, "chakras" Three Bowls of the Body
• Lots of meditation, and practice from the CD companion set AND as I/we've developed in this series over the last few years to make it our own
• Subtle Body
• Hermetic Principles
• Science and Magick
• Magick and Science
• Healing: Self and Others
• Protection and Defense
• Trees as the Temple
• Guides and Gods
• Techniques from personal practice
• and much more...
• Self-Initiation


  • a desire to learn energy, light, healing, and commitment to your practice to awaken the inner fire. 
  • Inner Temple of Witchcraft BOOK + CD Companion Set before class begins, by Christopher -- Penczak. Available on line or at local bookstores.
  • Homework: Reading the chapter, doing the exercises alone or with groups + turn in of that work you do to me, via email. 
  • attending an event outside of the study and practice to expand your study. If you miss a class, follow up is needed. 
  • Doing the work + Showing up 

Cost: $25 per class - 13 classes, 1-per month
Class size limit: 15 people
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T: 424.298.8192

THIS IS NOT A Temple of Witchcraft "Mystery Tradition" class, it is a books study. It is not associated with the Temple of Witchcraft. 

That said I have the blessing to hold Book-study. I am a priest in the Temple of Witchcraft earning and working my way through the Ministerial school. I can lead book-studies and hold classes as I teach things, so a large part of this work is building into Temple LA traditions, and from personal practice --your's and mine. 

RSVP'S via EMAIL or call Mostly Angels

Please note this is a sober space
QPOC and allies friendly space
Street parking
We will use natural scents from herbs, sometimes essential oils (usually mixed in oil or incense), smoke, smudge, incense, and oils.