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Witchcraft 2: A Year of Earth, Ritual and Ceremony (Monthly) Glassell Park


In our first books study, the Year of Fire, we explored the mysteries of the flame and light. Intuition, energy work, meditation, and learning and exploring the inner temple, with the Inner Temple of Witchcraft as our guide (Christopher Penczak, Temple of Witchcraft. 

This year and a day is monthly commitment of the inner fire in a journey of earth. We will study the wheel of the year, the sun and moon, cycles and seasons, Goddess, God + Great Spirit.

This is a chance to deepen your magickal practice in an eclectic blend of teachings, study, homework, meetings, circles, rituals, and seasonal events. We will explore what it means to stand in our own divinity as [magickal] beings. 

PLEASE NOTE: First class will be on the Autumn Equinox we will do a ritual to honor that turning of the wheel. Yes we start off making magick together!

Topics include:
• Sacred Space and the Circle
• Foudnations of Magick
• Ethics of Witchcraft
• Role of Priestessn and Priest in circle and life
• Goddesses and Gods - Seeking to make this a personal relationship
• Elementals: Fire + Water, Air + Earth
• Tools of the Craft - Some new, some known
• The capital "W" = Magickal Will
• Divination
• Circles of Power, Love and Wisdom
• Science and Spellcraft + Art of Spellcraft
• The Wheel of the Year, the Importance of Turning the Wheel
• Weaving the Web
• Covens and groups, shared magickal minds and space, Egregores, and the like
• Chants, Planets, Runes, Tarot, Binding, Protection, Gratitude, Symbols, charms, Altars, and more!
• Self-Initiation


  • a Magickal practice based on energetics + meditation. If you have self-guided through the Inner Temple of Witchcraft, great! If not, it's okay we can build on your own magickal practice. :) 
  • Outer Temple of Witchcraft + CD Companion Set, by Christopher Penczak. Available online or at local bookstores.
  • Homework: Reading the chapter, doing the exercises alone or with groups + turn in of that work you do to me, via email. 
  • attending an event outside of the study and practice to expand your study. If you miss a class, follow up is needed. 
  • Doing the work + Showing up 

$20 per class - 13 classes, 1-per month (December can be wobbley so we understand that holiday's may pull some folks away, but we work around that. $200 paid in full. 

Class size limit: 13 people -- unless an event space opens up for us.

THIS IS NOT A Temple of Witchcraft "Mystery Tradition" class, it is a books study. It is not associated with the Temple of Witchcraft. 

That said I have the blessing to hold Book-study. I am a priest in the Temple of Witchcraft earning and working my way through the Ministerial school. I can lead book-studies and hold classes as I teach things, so a large part of this work is building into Temple LA traditions, and from personal practice --your's and mine.

RSVP'S via EMAIL at TheTempleWell @ Gmail . com are confirmed.

Please note this is a sober space
There is one small step up into the house
QPOC and allies friendly space
Street parking