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Devotion + Practice: Online Class, January 2018


In this class we will engage in the practice of Devotion.
This class if for anyone who wishes to strengthen their personal connection to ancestors, deity, or Spirit through a daily practice of engagement, chanting, altar work, and devotionals.

Devotional practices create a method and space to come into relationship with our divine lights. Our inner light and the light of the Spirit or Deities we wish to be in communion with. Engaging in in devotional practice will create a heart, power, and wisdom space between you and the divine. Whether you are  new to this, or old hat in the practice… engaging or reengaging, this is a way to ignite a deeper relational experience with your spirits.

Access to Instructional Videos, and methods to open up the experience.
Access to Private Facebook Group to share your experience, and in sharing weave together with others and deepen your learning.
Receive daily prompts to help with your practice and devotional experience
And if you commit to the practice, a deeper relationship with your divine.

Our Learning Path

  • Day One: Introduction to practice, group, and preparing your devotional.

  • Day Two: Who are your spirits, what is your dialogue?

  • Day Three: Offerings

  • Day Four: Chants, song, prayer

  • Day Five: Reciprocity

  • Day Six: Devotion and the challenge of dedication

  • Day Seven: Storytelling, who are these beings of light and dark, and what is the story their story?

  • Day Eight: Honor and Obligation

  • Day Nine: Forgiveness and Love

  • Day Ten: Taking it to new levels, journey’s to the Divine

  • Day Eleven: Empowerment, what is in the exchange?

  • Day Twelve: Ritual Workings

  • Day Thirteen: Moon Cycle and Ritual

  • Day Fourteen: Going forward, living the practice

  • Facebook group archived after 28 days.

After sign up you will receive a confirmation of receipt that you are in the practice and class. In January on the 14th you will receive an email with instructions for your class on "how to begin." You MUST have a facebook account to access the group, please send us the email associated with your facebook account so that we can add you privately to the learning space. 

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