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New Year Honey and Magick Vessels: Sweeten Your New Year


Magickal Vessels, Honey Jars, Witch's Bottles are powerful tools or practical magick. 

In this class we will come in with new year intentions for 2018, draw in the magick for manifesting, and create an herbal and stone magickal piece in a honey jar to sweeten that vision into reality. 

Our jar creation project is unique and authentic, and each becomes a soul-powered piece of wow-full magick. 

These can be created for
Radical Transformation
Stepping into your authentic life
and more. 

Please note we only create these vessels for ourselves. 

$50.00 includes all materials EXCEPT the jar of honey, syrup or molasses. 

DETAILS FOR THIS EVENT WILL BE UPDATED AS WE COME CLOSER TO THE NEW YEAR, Including instructions on how to come into class with the best intentions and get this year started right!

Example of one of our sweetening magicks.

Example of one of our sweetening magicks.