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Learning the Runes: Runescapes!


Join us this January, as we begin a two-by-two process of exploring the runes each month. 


Bouncing off the meditation and energy work series (as well as why we are for those new to my way) in the Patreon. We’ll be using that method of meditation to explore the runes with new tips and points of exploration previously unused in Scott’s previous classes. Combining techniques from multiple traditions and pathways, Scott has devised a feel+experience=know technique alongside more classic classroom styles, in an informal setting. 

You will learn and do…

  • Learn the runes as close as we can tell what their classic uses are, and explore various authors points of view on it. 

  • Explore the runes as gateways

  • Journey into mythic landscapes to meet these powers in a ritual setting

  • Combine ritual and meditation+energy work processes in those journeys

  • Make art

  • Have class online (Google Chat)

  • Participate in monthly-ish field trips or take away exercises (if you are a distance learner or “away” while class is in session) to play with the runes and any other form of art. 

  • Have access to the whole program at any time on Patreon, so you can join in whenever you like (but will need to be signed up for the whole span of the course to receive all the lessons) for $5 a month or more. 

Various tiers at Patreon offer advanced levels of learning and perks unlike others.

We will touch upon some “traditional” methods, none of which I am a practitioner of, and talk about Gods, magickal beings, trees, magickal water, earth, sacred space, and so much more. A perfect lean into the neo-shamanic methods (not shamanism) and practices of magick as well. 

It’s going to be a full and most excellent class, I’m considering how many participants but haven’t set a cap. We’ve got 10 now. This is an inclusive space. 

$5-monthly subscription, 1-year.

Sign up at: (CAP SENSITIVE) or use

Begins January 5th. First chat date at the end of the month. Fieldtrip TBD.