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At The Plus Bus - The Laws of Magick: Vibration and Correspondence


In this class we will explore the principles of Vibration. The Alchemical Mysteries say that everything has a vibration.”  So we'll explore this law with exercise, breath, magick and lecture. We'll also talk about the law of correspondence. The Kybalian states, “Each contains the opposite”

Let's vibrate and bridge the illusion of the divide.


We all do magick, in fact everything is magick! In this series of 4 classes we will bounce through some of the primers for magickal work. It starts with you and works its way out into the world around you.

Based on the Hermetic Principles and rooted in personal practice we will explore how to weave each understanding or “law of magick” into our body of practice.

Each class will detail two of the laws of universal operation. You might recognize some of these from the Laws of Attraction! Each 2-hour class will help us to know these fundamentals and work with them for our personal and collective well-being.

Each class will cover a foundational, and functional piece around how the magickal operation, a meditation to explore it, and a spell or working to use it in your daily life to come into deeper understanding.  You will talk, listen, share, meditate, learn energy principles and walk away with a small set of practices to expand your horizons.

Class 2: Everything has a vibration.”  Adjusting our frequency “Each contains the opposite”

Cost: $20-
Seating is limited prepurchase your ticket at Temple-LA.


At the Plus Bus Boutique
2701 WEST AVE 34, LA 90065

September 20, 27th, and October 4th | Time: 8-10 pm

Following classes are come as you are, choose your classes one-or-all. $20 each. 

Remaining Classes

  • 09/27 “Flux and Reflux” we all have our cycles, we’re in a world of time and tides + “Divinely masc and femme” all things are yin, yang, and more. We are Goddess, God, and Spirit

  • 10/04 “Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause.” What we do ripples and and returns, or this is about Karma and Witchcraft + Three other fun laws we’re tacking on.