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Feast of the Beloved Dead | At A Love Bizarre (Atwater Village)

(image by Avia Venfica |  )

(image by Avia Venfica | )

Come! Feast with the ancestors in this night of communion with those who have gone before. The Feast of the Beloved Dead is a recreation of the old-fashioned "dumb-supper." Join Heather Shoopman and Scott K Smith, at A Love Bizarre, in Atwater Village as we create a sacred circle for silent dining with those who have crossed the veil, followed by story and sharing.

On Thursday, November 7th will be at 15° Scorpion, the Samhain cross-quarter in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the exact midpoint between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice.

What's a dumb supper?

An old'fashioned word that meant silent supper, it was at time to set a place at the table with those who had passed and share a meal with them. There are some interesting origin stories for the supper but we mark the occasion with circle and sacred space to honor those who have crossed over. A way to dine with the dead, have a meal with a loved one who has crossed over.

Feast of the Beloved Dead

Pass the veil between world into a sacred space. Sit in silence in the energy that has been raised for this event.. Shh, speak not! The only voice is your eyes, your heart, your hands as you, offer tokens of remembrance at the altar, a chair to our beloved guests.

Food, ceremony and services provided by Heather Shoopman and Scott K Smith

Please note additional details will be provided about the event to the events page, and special instructions will be sent to guests prior to the event night.

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