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Canceled due to weather - Candlemas - Fire and Light

Candlemas, or Imbolc, however you approach this time is a time of fire and light. A cross-quarter where we help with the rising light and life tides of the world.

In this set-up talk and ritual we will touch upon the next ritual moment in the wheel of the year, cast a circle, and set a ring of light. These fires connect us to the Deep Lady of the World, and the rising tides of magick.

We'll talk about the Spirits and the Secret Sun, and call in their light for guidance and omens.
Simple chants
Setting lights
Circle casting and journey to thread light and life energy into our world as we approach spring.
Small magicks to turn the wheel with nature and spirits.

Not a "Traditional" circle, Scott blends many eclectic practices, and models them on modern magick, neo-paganism, and meditative "new age" styled blends. Ultimately Spirit driven circles that allow for us to safely relax, fall in, and sink into the working.

$25 - Bring a Candle (one that can stand on its own, 5-7 inches) or Buy one at Open Eye Crystals
(Ticketing link is forthcoming)

Tickets and location:

Accessibility notes:

  • We are burning incense with Camphor, Eucalyptus, and Nutmeg, among other things.

  • Bathroom in store

  • Small chairs, animal skins, or yoga seats only. You are welcome to bring your own chair or blanket.

  • Bring a water bottle