Gather Temple-LA: Post Ernest E. Debs Park Circle

What a wonderful day! 

Our second Gather in the Park, more folks, and new magicks, although were were missing a handful of people I would have loved in attendance. If you can see it our circle was made of fallen things: leaves, branches, sticks, twigs, pine cones, leaves, and other interesting oddities from nature. We leave our altars in nature. We gather only what has fallen during this time of the year. 

Our meditation was between heaven and earth with an emphasis on balance in our bodies with the mother, nature, and the time and tide of the season. Light and dark, what is coming in on the life tide, and what is passing out. We meditate in a heart space. We worked the roots of our area, we sent them far and wide. We called upon the spirits of place, and gathered them into circle.

It really was an awesome day. 

Our next event is looking to be a Temple stylized Winter Solstice Ritual on the 21st of December, the day after QUEER CARE: LA.

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Love, Will, and Wisdom.

Scott K Smith