Blessing on the Waters of Life

We gathered on Thursday, the last Thursday of the Month, and circled around preparing ourselves for ritual. It was a simple circle with powerful insights all around the altar. 

Ritual 101

Ritual 101: Inner Fire & Preparing for the Sacred was about building a common language around ritual and magick that we diversely could participate in. How many times in your life have you gone to a ritual or celebration for the first time and thought to yourself I have no idea what they are going to do and I don't want to mess it up? Did that stop you? Did you go? What happened? 

It is in the Hallow that things converge and where no arguments or conflict exists. A convergence is when the differences come together to achieve a common conclusion, result, or union. This is, at its core, the function of the Hallow; its purpose is to maintain equilibrium and to create a corridor. This passageway allows us to move back and forth between the worlds. In this regard, the Witches’ Circle is a type of Hallow.
— Raven Grimassi, Old World Witchcraft

There are essentials to ritual that are generally speaking, universal, and we are looking at exploring those in these monthly classes, and grokking how we establish our method within the circle. While building around and into our own unique practice.

We don't want to fall into popular genericism, we working uniquely with Spirit. 

At the end of our night we gathered round the cauldron and called in the Revered Ancestors, the Wanderer, the Hidden Company--those who remain, guide and serve humanity. It was pretty awesome. I gotta say this is the fourth time I've done this ritual in a group, deeply aspected by Raven and Crow, and this particular event was pretty visceral. 

We said, "What if they are gathering as we gather, across the worlds, in circle with us?" and the gooseprickles tickled our bodies. 

We called them in, oh Mighty dead, and made room... backing up, widening the circle as we exchanged beauty, truth, and power. 

Our circle finished by blessing the water... Waters of life, of forgiveness for hardened hearts. We blessed water for love and clarity on all levels. Water, we blessed you with awakening intuition, inner vision, we blessed you in support of life, community and strength to #noDAPL.

Magick for me, for us, is for the people, all people. 

Individually, every grain of sand brushing against my hands represents a story, an experience, and a block for me to build upon for the next generation.
— Raquel Cepeda, Bird of Paradise: How I Became Latina
image: LA River, Wiki Commons

image: LA River, Wiki Commons

Releasing the Blessing

Today I sat at the river's edge, unlike the photo here the river was a small but steady stream. Strong and snaking through the arroyo. I hiked down to the edge and sat with shell, some of the incense crafted for local spirits and had a conversation with the earth, the water, and the spirit of place. 

And that conversation is private, because magick is more than power, it is relationship, trust and respect so the details are between us and Spirit, Goddess and God; but as I the sweet and thick smoke of prayer rose into the sky I lifted our clear bowl of blessed water and poured it into the river. 

May the blue snake of water, here in LA, flow in power, and join the people standing up for water, and stop the black snake of oil. 

Many blessings,

Scott K Smith
Founder, Temple Los Angeles

PS: our next Ritual 101 is scheduled for Thursday November 17th, 2016, Glassell Park, Los Angeles. Check us out.