A Note About our Solstice Event: Dark and Light, Finding Meaning


What an amazing storm last night. I put out two large bowls to collect rain water and woke up to them full to the brim! We needed that. 

Because of the rain-soaked earth we are most definitely doing our working indoors tomorrow at home. A few notes for you... 

Glassell Park off the 2 fwy between the 5 and the 134 (that's near Glendale). Any who RSVP to the event will get an address tomorrow morning. 

As mentioned before I have a single step up to the front door, otherwise we are pretty accessible here. Please if you have any needs prior to the event, email me directly or respond in the comments of the post to have them addressed.

We have a dog. Small and she is present during ritual and journey's. 

What are we doing?

I'm hosting circle that is an intersection of Temple of Witchcraft Tradition and my own. You do not need to be versed in ritual or magick, do not worry, I'm starting the Wheel of the Year this year, with simple steps and engaging journey's. If you work the whole of the year in the mystery tradition, there is a beautiful gnosis that grows within your body wisdom. 

This Saturday we will...

  • Check in, circle. 

  • Learn about the Temple Tradition of the Wheel of the Year and Yule.

  • Cast circle and call in elementals, Goddess and God in the Temple Tradition. We are not doing the "Grand Sabbat," as that requires multiple participants and we do not have the space. 

  • Our "Gates of Power" or tools we will use for this event are SOUND and Meditation.

  • Meditation to journey to meet the Dark God, and seek the Child of Light. That means we are looking at Shadow and darkness + rebirth of light. This is something you can take with you into the actual solstice and the new year. Key words are "Rest" and "Lay Fallow" meaning we're here to experience, not work power. We're here to accept, let go and receive. 

  • Post journey you will have time to journal your journey, and space to receive personal reflection and shared reflections from others.  

If you want to add to the Altar space, please bring pine cones, evergreens, oak, holly, mistletoe, and white candles, and any objects that you would like to add around the altar to be a part of this journey.  

RSVP's are very important to organizers. Please if you are RSVP-ed to an event, understand that means we are planning for you to be here. Life is complex, Southern California is diverse and things change, please note that by changing your RSVP if you cannot make it.  

Don't worry if this is your "first time" or 500th. Come with an empty-cup and experience one of the fist steps on the turning of the wheel.

Much love,

Scott K Smith
Priest,Temple of Witchcraft
Founder of Temple Los Angeles

*Please note this is not an official Temple of Witchcraft, or sponsored event. I am in the ministerial program, year four, and my goal in completing that work is to bring Temple of Witchcraft events, and other events to the area community.