Reflections and thanks on GATHER: Mabon

Monday after GATHER: Mabon is here, and I want to send my thanks for showing up and making magick in circle, building sacred space, and growing community.

Everything is Magick to me! You added to that definition and experience with your hearts voice, and presence. I look forward to many more awesome spaces, and spins (spirals) and variety of experiences with you and others who join in the magick making.

Our group was made up of friends, students, folks from Temple-LA, LA QUEER healers, and folks some who heard the invite and said yes. Beautiful!

The day after the event I was a little emo. I'm not sure what you released but I had a day of self-care. And I feel much better for it to day, heart-open and feeling lighter. Feel free to check in with me, or Stephanie, speaking of, wasn't her Bird invocation awesome?

I want to thank Sam for the photographs. Like a true shutterbug he was able to snap photos unnoticed. They are up on the Facebook page. Inevitably I fail at photographing anything so I'm always happy when you do take a shot, post or tag us (#gathertempleLA or on IG: @Temple_LosAngele).

I forgot to mention one final piece, post ritual and that is Gratitude. Giving thanks completes a cycle, a turn on the spiral, and you may find that writing or posting, photographing or drawing as a daily gratitude practice another invocation, welcoming in your thanks into the spaces we cleared in release. This can look like whatever you already do, also good examples are gratitude journals, or daily postings of 3, 5, or 10 things you are truly grateful for. It can also look like other things, different ways that are more suited to your personal practice.

The next Gather is hosted by LA QUEERS Healers, information can be found there via Meetup, or noted on the website.

Dark Moon Circle
September 29, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Location in East Hollywood

Thank you again for joining us.

Scott K Smith

PS! View all the photos via the Facebook page!