Temple LA on SoundCloud

Hello there. 

We're excited to announce we are on SoundCloud! Our roster of recordings are minimal at the moment and consist of some recordings and meditations for our current students that may be relevant to all listeners. 

We are Temple Los Angeles, and we are about Magick, community, and paths to divinity be they mystical or mundane!

We are looking forward to additional recordings in the form of Audio or Video as:

  • Witch Socials
  • Interviews
  • Thoughtful musings
  • Teasers for upcoming topics and trailers from finished classes

Please excuse any klunk in the process. Rather than push for completely polished pieces we're shooting for off the cuff recordings that embrace the sounds of the world. 

A note about our SoundCloud

With a background in Occult and neo-pagan practices, and pieces from Buddhism, Theosophy, and personal gnosis a lot of our meditations and segments can be different. 

Different is good for us!

We created some files and categories to help you find the pieces you are looking for, from meditation to Light Body, and more to come!

Join us!