A note about our alignment, trauma, violence, and community.

The virus you see is made of fear, hatred, and violence. You can be a doctor for a person with this illness.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

I, Scott K Smith, founder of Temple Los Angeles am an active advocate for social justice, cultural reform to move us away from white-identified dominance, racism, and an unjust system that is disproportionately weighted against people of color, and queer / non-binary, gender fluid peoples. 

These are factual words that illustrate an epidemic that the world lives within, based in slavery and religion, and catapulted into insanity by a wealthy minority that seek to keep world systems in their control while the environment collapses inexorably under the draining power of capitalistic systems. We are for reform and reparations, relational magick, and community building. 


We can be for those things, feel our anger and rage, sorrow and despair, and not choose violence as a means to an end. We believe that they system must change, that we must show up, "step up and step back" with people of color; and as a Queer owned business by a third gendered person, support our allies, friends, and communities, without adding more hate, violence, and fear to the world--because that's "The Patriarchy"-- and a long dark path deeper into becoming more part of the problem than the solution. Black Lives Matter. Alliances matter. Agreements matter. Transformation is imperative. Violence is antithetical to the world we desire to live in or create. 

Times are desperate unless you have the privilege to ignore hard facts, ugly truths, and real world problems and oppressions. And if so that's an invitation to get into dialogue with communities, in some form, to ask, offer and support. If you are able to help, step through fear into vulnerability, and feel this with us, in the way that is healing and whole for the problems, while directly helping those who are most hardly hit by violence, poverty, systems weighted against them, racism, and trauma. If you need direction on how to help communities and people of color, please email us and we can help direct you to the right organizations, messages, and people.

Black activists have raised the call for an end to violence, not an escalation of it.
— Black Lives Matter

We teach on these principles. Sometimes it is on the mechanics, other times it is on the mythology or magickal mysteries, but within the context of this reality, whether it is directly or indirectly addressed. Sometimes you have to lead with the rose not the stick. 

We recognize that our clients, friends, and partners now and in the future come from various backgrounds, ideologies, religions, faiths and socioeconomic situations. Our agreement is love and respect, confidence and community, through the Five Hallows of: Law, Light, Love, Truth and Liberty. 

We do not teach hate or cursing, these are violent, and they live within the body, and are not part of the cycle of the wheel. They harm the people who created it, it lives in their bodies. These thought forms may have spiritual purpose for an individual's growth, but we in no way now, in the past, presently, or in the future do support any student or ally who has been corrupted by their own trauma to hate or intend or cause violence. In fact we revoke support both physical and magickal to those who choose violence in thought, word, action, or result, unless they should seek to return for healing and reparations. This is in the voice of our Spirits, Ancestors, and Spiritual Work. And so it is done... And we acknowledge that we are still in community, that we represent the magick of peace, solution, truth, and healing, and we are able to offer support back in or in the direction they wish to grow that is not hate, and/or violence.

Trauma is a real thing and we live within, the confines of that perspective, and healing through process, magick and energetics is possible. 

To be radical is to constantly live in the territory yet undiscovered, the liberation yet unknown.
— Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love and Liberation

If you are in a position, group, or other gathering like situation where hate and violence are enacted, perpetuated, or encouraged we actively invite you to visit the idea of ownership of that violence and hate in your own body, to get out; and we express an open door policy to allow dialogue with us, or any of the many trusted healers and community members you know. We have a small list here, and a larger personal list of people not mentioned on the site who may be able to assist you. You can get help. There are local agencies, organizations, and people to help you. 

Our practice is magick, and magick is everything. 

It seems like many people come to the virtual table with this idea that Magick and Witchcraft are some kind of "thing," and really it a distinct philosophy and craft with many variations. Bring ten people interested in the subject and ask them what is magick and what is witch and you will get multiple answers from each. And, that's the beauty of this practice... It doesn't demand a single truth. It's not a religion, it's more of an Otherhood of practitioners who play and explore within the same world, with diverse concepts and practices.

We open dialogue with questions.

We encourage practices of magick that might bring us to the space where we see the animated universe and our piece in the spiral of it all. That embrace the responsibility of the healing the trauma within our bodies, and addressing the systems that cultivate that trauma and now they can be transformed. We see ourselves as part of the whole of life, and do not encourage the illusion superiority. We propose that we can live in an animated view, come into relationship through magick and craft with our bodies, our food, our friends, parents, family, lovers, spouses, neighbors, folx we do not know, those that suffer; rocks, minerals, trees, plants, birds, fish, sky, stars, everything.

Join us in this exploration.

With love and respect, we do see you.

Scott K Smith
Founder, Temple-LA.com