Wands by Sarah at Temple LA!

Sarah is our long time friend and the newest member of Temple LA team of creators!

Her wands are labors of love, power, and wisdom gathered into each piece. Plant, tree, and resin magicks. They connect with the Runes, broadening the purpose of the Tree magick associated with each. Finally the stones and minerals activate the power of earth, creating a mysterious unity.

You can grab these pieces exclusively through Temple Los Angeles!


I have always liked trees but in the last year I have really strive to learn more about them.  

There is a bottle tree across the street from my home and I started a dialogue with it as I left for work or came home in the evening.  I did a little research and the aboriginals would drill into the tree base for water and the seeds can be ground into a masa, it was the giving tree.  

The pieces that lay abandoned at the bottom seemed wasted to me for a tree that had so much to give so I took a piece of it home one night, which opened me to all of the trees around me. Thus it began.

Each piece is found or given already removed from the tree but still vibrating with life.  When possible I ask for the tree's blessing in person and gift the spirit. I spend hours working with each piece to get a story and direction from the spirit.

Once carved, I anoint each with a mixture of oils ritually prepared using a combination of runes, stones, plants, oils, the sun and the moon.  The recipe for each is dictated during the carving process and is based on the nature of the spirit. The anointed wands are then placed in/on the earth to charge and be blessed by the earth.

Artist: IG @thirdeyecapybara
A member of Temple LA!