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Magick. Divinity. Witchcraft!

So much of our lives are wired to human technology, let’s shift that and plug into nature, into the mystery traditions, and the technology of the timeless and the ancient: magick! To know ourselves we invite you to know nature, and to know the magick that is within you, always ready to be awakened.

Temple Los Angeles is here to offer ministries and services, for and with the greater community. A vast majority of ceremony, ritual, and Spiritual-Education comes from the Magickal Order of the Temple of Witchcraft.

Scott K Smith combines this with years of study and service in the magickal, energetic therapies, and physical care, holding space through healing acts and works. With a deeply held respect for the Magickal-Divine in all traditions, Gods, Divinities, Nature, and Humanism I am able to offer seasonal ritual, Sabbatical journeys, and ceremonial spaces; rites of creation and beginnings, sustaining and nurturing, and endings and passages. Classes and book-studies, moon circles, and dark moon mystery talks, and other events that build into these mysteries in ever deepening ways by threading the sacred Hallows of love, life, law, and life to liberate all beings. No two classes or events are the same but they all link to these guiding spirits, divine lights, craft mysteries, and living power in love and wisdom.

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