November - A Dance With Chaos

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Francisco de Goya, Vuelo de brujas, 1797

Here is your weekly reading and a bit of a broad stroke for November, as we navigate Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. Please note that I almost did not include this in the reading, outside of the moon it is probably the most talked about planetary aspect.

When I sat in my space to write this with my spirit friends I recognized that in one way this movement could intersect us was through Scorpio’s capacity to go hard and deep and what that could teach us about our emotional nature and maybe on how we can be a little bit more transparent with ourselves, for our selves and each other.

This week we have one card draw that represents the broad lesson of the retrograde this month; I also drew three stones that give us agency with transparency, and a meditation based on those qualities to crystallize the process of being open to the otherness that may arise with Scorpio, and encourage self-reflection of the shadow.

When I asked, "what is the one thing we can collectively do to navigate a highly emotional, dark, retrograde Mercury in November," I pulled the Nine of Wind, aka Swords. The brief description on the bottom of the card reads, “Dancing with Chaos in the dark.”

How does that sound to you? For me it conjures a memory of running into someone at the movies. Literally. The screen was dark, I had to step out. When I returned the theater was almost complete blackness as my eyes adjusted. I walked down the aisle. Unknown to me someone was walking up. We slammed into one another, me and some mysteries man. For a moment we held each other, bodies pressed together, and laughed. We touched each other and I said, are you okay? He said yes, are you? I said yes. We parted.

“Dancing with Chaos in the dark” also evokes an image for me of a Witch in the Mythical woods dancing with the night magick. The Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot intimates similar energies in the Nine of Wind, an erratic series of brushed colors and a swirl of inky blackness midst the colors. This card could be the things that keep you up at night. It could be going down a rabbit hole of frenzied mental activity. This could be one of those periods where the mind overlaps the world in strange and mysterious ways and how we choose to dance with what comes up out of the personal and collective dark is up to each of us.


I chose the word “dance.”

Like the moment in the theater where I was locked body-to-body with a stranger, we are interwoven with reality through our thoughts. When the tides shift as the times change and darkness comes into alignment with us, our inner aspects that resonate with it, activate. Here is our chance to choose our own adventure in chaos.

When the world is coiled as it is now it calls up and draws out certain qualities. Right now that maybe something from the deep unknown, from the dark of the mythical forest, from the collective and/or personal unconscious. How we interact with it, this shadow we call chaos as it disrupts the order of things, is up to us. If we intend for it to be a dance, then it has the opportunity to come at us in a way that is inviting. If we choose to call it trouble, fear, or take those moments when we are surprised by these dark unknowns and choose instead to attack them, they become the demons we most fear and desire them to be.

“To search for power within myself means I must be willing to move through being afraid to whatever lies beyond.” - Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider


I thought that the best way I could spread that message around was through meditation and energy work. This 22:49 minutes of meditation is intended to help with letting go. It’s easy, a bit of Metta involved, breath-work, and some of the guided imagery we use on the Patreon page, coupled with certain imagery based on three stones.

Listen here (this is a listen only link, you cannot download).

The Stones

I chose three stones for this month to play with.

  • Himalayan Quartz - This has a high clear quality to it from where it is resourced in the world. Remember that although quartz may have certain configurations and qualities, they ultimately are magnifiers of thought and energy. Choose what they magnify

  • Fluorite - Helps us with emotional patterns and understanding, and how things fit into the diagrams of life. It can help us to clarify what we’re feeling and what is happening.

  • Obsidian - Draws out our reflection in the dark, cleanses that reflection and helps us also to cleans our psychic bodies so that what comes up finds a home in our hearts.

  • Or Onyx - With equal degree Onyx can in the dark reflection, but can help us find meaning in what we see and experience, and assist us in moving out of our comfort zone with these new patterns, energies and reflections.

Be easy during retrograde, and when your back is stiffened, ask if the scorpions sting is really appropriate at this time. Mercury retrograde is about self-reflection on what it is you are communicating. Scorpio energies touch upon several themes of darkness, reflection, and emotionality with a sense of wanting to ultimately understand our otherness.

Cultivate clarity of mind, emotion, especially heart, and body. Keep your subtle bodies toned. Meditate, write, be easy and use breath to create breathing room for yourself, for others. Give yourself time to drive, to arrive, and to be in whatever spaces you find yourself in.

Some of the things that have helped me most these last few days have been allowing myself to feel, a few episodes of Queer Eye Japan, and a good heart-full cry, letting go. It’s the season, be easy with yourself.

Much love to you,

Scott K Smith

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