About Light...

It was recently written, and somewhat reflective for me, that Witches aren’t light-workers. We’re death-walkers, psychopomps (Via Keeping Her Keys). I agree with that statement in part. For like the Goddess who chose me, Hekate, we hold the light, the Hallowed things, and make things Hallowed in turn. I am the Dark, I can also wield the light.

Witches are not light workers. No. We are not. Many of us are psychopompes or death doulas. We guide souls to the other side. We receive messages from the departed. This is the darkest of work for we are reaching into the blackness of the unknown.

I shared the graphic above on my personal social media and on Keeping Her Keys. Many of you responded, “YES!” But there were others who said that there has to be a balance of light and dark. Balance is a tricky thing, beautiful creatures. I led a three month course last winter exploring this slippery topic. Like balancing both sides of a scale, balance in our lives is a lot harder than it looks. More importantly, this elusive concept of balance is very, very personal. My balance is about 3/4 dark and 1/4 light. That’s my formula for personal balance of the light and darkness. I’m a firm believer that too much lightness is unbearable.
— Keeping Her Keys

We may work with dead things, but we also work with the Singer and Song of the Universe, at least I do, we do in our classes here.

When I talk about light I don't necessarily mean the visual experience light, I mean the invisible realm of light that may be perceived through instruments, or through the body. The Hidden Light, the Secret Flame, sometimes even referring to it as the Clear Light.

When we do light work in our spaces, we are drawing on the Hallowed Wand whos virtue is Light, and we balance that with Love, Law, Life, and Liberation so the experience is whole.

LOVE in the way we move into the somatic experience of light, through the power of Water, the Holy Grail, the Cup of Compassion

LAW, meaning that we lean into the laws of magick, the way that these universal and earthly systems operate, so as create with the known an experience that can send us into the unknown with safety and surety. To create a safe space for the work.

LIFE, the virtue of the Sword or Athame, the Witches blade and the mysteries of magick; that of Life and Death.Part of the essence of magickal work.

Finally, LIBERATION, the point of the work, to create within this formula for each of us to feel our own sovereign power and lift off into the deep of us, of world, of The Mystery.

We use a few words with this work.

REIKI as part of that invisible light, or as it has been described often, the highest possible form of light and healing energy that is perceptible to our being.

GUIDES which we will cal lin from these refined and high levels of ALL the Hallowed spaces, and specifically six being we work with in the Spirit, the East, The Hidden Light (or the Akasha) to hold that space and interface with us.

And lastly we mentioned the Grid, and there is many existing spaces within that Gridwork, that weave of sacred things. To be specific we are not using anyone's created system of Gridwork, but tapping into the Weaver Goddess, that created and is ALL things, upon which the light and vibration of the Singer and Song, the God, the Child and Children of Light, live, love, and play.

We will engage and play with these principles at Open Eye Crystals this March, on the 17th of March at 4 PM during Reiki Guide and Light-Grid Experience for Healing.