Harvest of Fall with Sarah C.

Hello everyone.

Summer is ending and the Autumn tides are upon us.

Reaping the rewards of your hard work.
Celebration and plenty moderated by the need to save to get through the winter.
This is a time of juxtaposition.

Modern events, like a drought or pest, limit the plenty we expected from our labors.
There is a hardness to the spirit as we prepare to tighten our belts, again.

I have to remind myself, as the seasons shift, of the great strides I have made this year and the many harvests that still ripen. Not all of our labors bear fruit in the fall and some of our greatest accomplishments happen so slowly over time that they are easily overlooked.

As I sit and worry over the coming trials of winter there is still a light burning, the alchemy of the spirit.
I look to that fire to see beyond the obvious challenges and face the night with perspective and strength.

With Love,

Sarah C.