Classes and Events this October - Let's Get Connected


Classes and events this month are posted to the events page. 

  • Meditation and Affirmation, tomorrow
  • Iron, Bone and Stone - Connection and Protection on Sunday
  • Ancestors later this month - build an altar and connect to the right ancestor.

Thank you!

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Blessing on the Waters of Life

We gathered to explore Ritual and how to approach the Sacred, the Goddess and God, Spirit. We reached with bodies and hearts across the veil to stand share light across the worlds. We blessed water in support. 

I released that water today. 

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Gather in the Park: What It Is About

Monthly we meet in a park here in Los Angeles. Sometimes we're a large gathering, sometimes we're a modest handful of magick makers, but we're here in these natural spaces to leave a little magick in the form of creativity. 

GATHER (#Gather, #GatherTempleLA) days are simple rituals designed to bring us, the magick makers, into harmony with our environments. Nature, weather, people, plants, and circles we design out of the inspiration of the Spirit of our circle. 

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