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Temple LA Community
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A Temple Los Angeles Group Here you will find community around magick, spirit and events hosted Temple LA. We want to make community with magickal fo...
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#WitchSocial is a collaborative community social idea to call in Witches, Heathens, Pagans, Magick Makers, Druids, Warlocks, EdgeWalkers, Spirit Mediu...

Spaces and people

  • Neon Altar, Online retailer and Bad Ass Witchery.

  • Open Eye Crystals, A crystal and metaphysical retail shop in Mid City Los Angeles.  A space for those new or curious to crystal work and experienced mystics alike. 

  • Pacific Circle Revival, community circle on the west coast.

  •, Temple of Witchcraft, Salem New Hampshire

  • The Crooked Path, Amazing Shoppe and Friend to Temple Los Angeles

  • The Plus Bus Boutique, NELA. Fat Positive, all shapes, amazing clothing and community

  •, Necessary and loving crisis and help line

  • The Witches Voice, a webspace to connect magickal communities, individuals and groups.

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If you are curious about our calling to The Work, collaborating, or joining forces in the future or the moment, please connect with us below. 

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