A Path of Spiritual Support

As an ordained Priest and Witch Scott is able to offer a beautiful cross-section of services in the cycles and turning of you, your family, and your community's lives based in earth-based, spiritual occult, ancestral, and divine practices. Each ritual, ceremony, and working is a blessing to the spirit of place, and the collective of who he works with. 

Our new home. Blessed by Scott. Walked in for the first time today and wow. WOW. The energy, the shift, the peace felt. Then the extra pulse of each bird feather in the doorways. If you have a new home or your current home needs a cleanse. This is it. @temple_losangeles @scott_k_smith 😘 #templelosangeles #blessed #blessings #healer
— Sparrow Blue, Highland Park


Blessing of Spaces

Offering: home, room or office blessings. A cleansing of the energy, spirit of place, and calling in the working powers that you wish to instill in the space. Old or new spaces can be worked, cleared, transformed through ritual, magickal accoutrement (such as salt, smoke, herbs, and other items used in the service), and protection.

Price: Varies
Larger properties varies on size of space . Please inquire for free consult.

Setting Lights: Candle Magick

We have a dedicated community altar on our property for healing and intentional requests. Our clients regularly send us goals and healing requests which we tie to candles lovingly and powerfully connected to the Divinities of Temple Los Angeles. 

Price: $10.00 (through august) and available through the shop

Baby + Child Blessing or Wiccanings

We live on through our families and the life and communities we foster in our lifetime. Sometimes we want to extend the blessing of Spirit to the loving beings.

Baby blessing ceremony and rituals are beautiful, magickal, and deeply tender spaces of blessing and joy. In a circle format at home, in womb as mother and child are one, or in nature where we create space we take form the Temple of Witchcraft traditions, earth based spiritualities, high magickal focuses, and your personal desire, wish, and blessing intentions to craft a ritual that is in accord with your heart and family.

Price: Varies and by donation. Please contact us to arrange a sit and talk. Single visits or regularly scheduled offerings are available.


Scott is a Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft with a long history of healing and facilitation as a spiritual support person. Through the use of healing arts such as vibrational, energetic medicines, non-denominational prayer, healing touch, and magick they are able to offer support in various roles for you, your loved ones, and spaces. 

Pastoral Care

Healing, and recovery can be hard. We offer Pastoral Visits in the form of non-invasive, simple magickal-spiritual support. Silent sitting, meditation, or the use of healing arts to assist your loved ones in recovery, in sustaining life and adjusting to changes, or in passages. 

We’re all just walking each other home.
— Ram Dass

Price: By donation. Please contact us to arrange a sit and talk. Single visits or regularly scheduled offerings are available. Scott is familiar with hospital and hospice, has a long history in alternative medicine and spiritual support which has evolved into their role as Priest.