11 1/2" Pine Wand


11 1/2" Pine Wand


Wands are an extension of the Witches Will, aligned with the element of Fire, Power, and Light!

Delightful and lovely to hold 11 1/2-inch Pine Wand by Sarah C.

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These little pieces of love have been polished to perfection. Retaining color, and pieces of interest from the original tree. Sarah take great pride in detail and quality, so that when we hold the wand we have a pleasant feel, and a good balance for Magick.

These wands have been chosen from fallen pieces, are local to the SoCal area, and are taken ritually with great respect to the environment, usually in local spaces were humans have created or are maintaining the environment so as not to take from wilds.

Pine Trees are one of the Seven Noble trees of the Irish Brehon Laws. Much more than a holiday tree, it is used in Yule celebrations, and in Norse traditions as well. Used to purify, stimulate circulation, clear and refresh the mind (aromatherapeutic), blessings and loved for its robust energy.

We associate pine with the upper world, and regeneration.

Pine Wands can be used for power, healing, and cleansing… or simply as the choice of wood and spirit of the tree to add these qualities to your own personal light when casting spells and making Magick.

Size: 15 inches

Sarah C

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