Cancer New Moon 2019 - Moon Water Ritual


Cancer New Moon 2019 - Moon Water Ritual


This is our Monthly Practice Point in the form of Ritual with the Great Mother, water, and the moon. Begin as near as the new moon on the second as you can. Simple tools, easy contemplative ritual, connecting with this Goddess Energy.

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We use the light of many things to make blessed waters in Magick. I personally use the rising or setting sun, moonlight during different phases, and the Sun recognizing what sign it is in, and in all what that kind of light brings.  

For this month as we are in Cancer who carries the Mother energy.

Through the use of water, intention and moonlight we will nightly empower waters to the great mother.

The new moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer resonates with the power of The Great Mother, not our personal mothers, but “the mama of mama’s” Goddess, universal mother. This simple ritual is designed to help you cultivate her energies over a period of days, and allows for you to connect with and contemplate her energies. We complete with a ritualized anointing of our bodies with her healing and supporting energies that are gathered in the waters, and offering it to the earth to send healing to her body in gratitude for the blessings we receive in the workings of this ritual.

Why do we do this? 

Self-care isn't just big the last few years it is essential. Our world, culture, and for many of us our surroundings can be toxic. We work, work, work and do, go, manifest it, and require time to restore our energies. 

This is a simple over time way to do so through the agency of the Mother of All Things.

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Scott K Smith

Scott's work combines the esoteric + arts of various studies in mystery traditions, a large body of private and public work ranging from healing, ritual, art, speaking, and teaching.

A High Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft, Witch, and a Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher. Scott is a multi-disciplined healer, certified CMT, and energy artists combining an extensive history in treatment, coaching, teaching and holding space.

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