Custom Spirit Bottles


Custom Spirit Bottles


We can design custom spirit bottles for you for a variety of purposes. Love, Power, Spiritual Journey, Protection, Attraction, Defense, and more.

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Spirit bottles, and Honey Jars, are a way to advance your craft or goals to the next level. We craft active vessels that allow for a very specific spirit, planetary, plant, or stone energy to operate for what it is you desire to achieve.

Examples include:

  • Custom designed spirit vessels for any particular Spirit within the Angelic, Saint, Greek or Roman, Celtic, or Norse deities

  • Planetary Spirit Vessels to attune and act as powerful batteries for your magick

  • Honey Jar for your city to attract success in your business or life

What you looking to create in you life?

What are you calling in? Are you new in your city and want more attention?

Are you looking to come closer to your guide, spirit, or deity with a devotional piece?

Do you want something more advanced? A battery to add power or influence to your circles?

We can make these and more!

Why a Spirit Bottle?

Over the years I’ve created a variety of vessel styled magical items rooted in a few folk traditions. Honey for example has been used in many cultures to heal, preserve, as food, or in magick to sweeten people, spirits, and deities in our lives.

Spirit Bottles evolved out of working with planetary fluid condensers as a way to attune to the spirit and power of a planet while training in High Witchcraft. They evolved into custom spirits through the use of sigil creation, herbs, flowers, roots, and stones, to create a very specific vibratory frequency to attract or attune forces for magickal advantage.

What I Use

After I receive your request, and there may be some Q&A via email, chat or phone, I journey to meet and craft the spirit bottle or honey jar you request. They will or may include:

  • Sigil or glyph (included in all)

  • Herbs, flower and plants

  • Stones, metals

  • Photo may be required for Honey Jars

  • and of course the vessel itself and a high proof alcohol and water as a preservative

These require time, distillation, artwork, and are dependent on the cycle of the moon, the day, and in the case of planets, sometimes days or weeks to craft.

You Get

A Spirit Bottle and Honey Jar with instructions for care and use. Candles or other implements to begin working with the vessel, and for certain spirit bottles a container or box to hold the power when not in use.

Your average creation time for a vessel can be 3-5 weeks, but they are potent!
Please note that there may be an additional wait time if I am working on more than a handful of bottles. I will at all times keep you respectfully notified.

Instructions for use can be unique for each bottle, as each spirit may require different attention but they all work wonderfully. They are safe, effective, magickal-spiritual pieces designed for you and your journey. Our Spirit Bottles have successfully been used in manife$tation and $uccess work, adding potent energy to circles, spells and rituals. Protectection. Sweetening the success of singer-songwriters, actors, producers, witches, therapists, small businesses, and more.

Be cunning,

Scott K Smith
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