Divine Will Deposit


Divine Will Deposit


This is the deposit for the Divine Will Study Group, only.
Remaining payments will be set up via paypal or venmo.

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For additional information on the Study Group please see the event page.

We’re forging a Divine Will Study Group rooted on the Seven Theosophical Rays, mixed with some modern principles, and led by Scott K Smith, and the audio recordings from the Divine Will Study sequence from author and channel Orin.

This is a combination class with a lot of opportunity for play.


$75 Deposit, $25 per class, per month, 7-additional months $250 total
Prepaid Advance: $200 for the whole course

includes the audio recordings from the course, and handouts created by instructor for each class.

What is Divine Will?

To know Divine Will is to know Higher Will, a presence linked to God/Goddess/All That Is. Our higher mind, our divine self associated with the source, that emanates the rays of Power, Love, and Wisdom, and other divine influences said to have shaped the humanitarian advancements of compassion, wisdom, life, learning, Magick and more in humankind.

Qualities we seem to be lacking in the modern world, our discourse, and personal development.

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