Spirit Bottle: Power


Spirit Bottle: Power

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These powerful little hand-sized bottles are made of herbs, spirit, and extensive ritual to pack some power into your spells and ritual workings. The protective pouch is designed to hold the energy asleep while not in use.

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What you hold is a ritual bottle for bringing power to your magick. Be it a spell or ritual, or part of a ritual space this bottle has been ceremonially prepared to serve as a battery charged with a strong spirit to aid in bringing power to your workings. 

The spirit of this bottle is charged to the angelic intelligence of mars, aligned with True (or Divine) Will, and the Three Primary Rays of Magick as I know them: Love, Will, and Wisdom. The name of the Spirit is secret, per the agreement I have made with them and will not be given, but the power through the portal of the bottle is offered in its name.

These Spirit Fluid Condensers were created of fresh plants ritually harvested and worked to bring out the essence, power, and consciousness of the plant; high proof alcohol, spring water, quartz crystal and a ritual that charged these bottles for a set amount of days to imprint and open the way to power. They are blessed by the Goddess Hekate, through an ensouled statue and private rite.

Do not try to use this spirit bottle for domination, compulsion, or other magicks to control or influence people, the Spirit is specifically designed to refuse those intentions. It wears a sovereign crown and is not bound by your command to do harm.

$60.00 - If you are local and can pick up, I can provide the bottle for $50.00

It is great for:

  1. Adding push to manifest

  2. Power to spells

  3. Energy to an altar

  4. Charging objects by placing them on or around the bottle (I suggest in a small circle)

  5. Meditation on your own True Will

  6. Protection

  7. Planetary Magick (with Mars)

Please note that each bottle does contain a small amount of plant material, this is in fact supposed to be in the bottle. It looks like green dust or plasma. Inside each bottle is a quartz point that is a focal point, it is already imprinted to keep the charge flowing. All packaging is handmade except for the bottle glass bottle and plastic top, and so do sometimes contain small imperfections. We strive for wholeness, not the impossible "perfection."

How to use

Shake it up and pull it out of the pouch.  It is as easy as including the bottle on your altar, or next to your spell materials as you craft and manifest. Speak your intention and say the  name of the spirit (included with each bottle) listed on the back of the card in red. 

You can hold the bottle in your hands, center on your heart, and breath in the light of your sources, and exhale them into the vessel with your specific intention for the Spirit.

The pouches are designed to hold the energy. I do not recommend leaving the bottle lying about. It is attuned to mars, a very aggressive energy, and can stir aggression if not given a specific use such as including it in a spell or ritual.

The pouches, made by Heather Shoopman, have been soaked in protective herbs to hold the energy safely until ready to use. You will notice some resin and smell that is Dragons Blood, Juniper, and other ingredients to create a protective barrier for the bottles when not in use. Consider the pouch-like putting it to sleep until you are ready to use it.

For additional inquiries please contact the maker through the Temple Los Angeles.

Scott K Smith

Handling Instructions

  1. The bottles do not need to be recharged, but they should be kept in the pouches or on an altar where you regularly do workings.

  2. The contents are not to be consumed; are not edible; are not for the skin, not for the eyes, don’t use what’s in the bottle outside of the bottle.

  3. Contents may be flammable. We’re 99.99% certain they are not but do not leave unattended on or near a fire, or heat sources in case they do become too hot. Use with caution.

  4. Do not place in the window, again may overheat like a high proof alcohol.

  5. The Pouch conceals the energy. It will not protect the bottle if dropped, banged, hit, knocked over.

  6. The bottles are only for magickal use. To bringing power to your magick by remaining sealed and in the jar. We are not responsible for any foul uses, damages, illness, or misuse of these jars or their contents, or any resulting damages because of them.

  7. Do not add to the jar, no stones, crystals, herbs, anything.

  8. Do not open the jar, as the energy will release and dissipate leaking out the energy.

  9. If you wish to dissolve the jar's use, empty the contents into a hole in the ground, cleanse and clear the jar, and recycle. 

  10. And because we must say it, these bottles do not contain demons, they do not “contain” spirits, they are batteries of power. These bottles do not compel or control or in any way make anyone do anything.

  11. YOU are responsible for all uses, intentions, and results of the energy of this Spirit Fluid Condenser physical, and magickal-spiritual.

We do not offer returns, refunds, or exchanges. 

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