Remaining Payment - Witchcraft 1 Book-study: Inner Temple of Witchcraft


Remaining Payment - Witchcraft 1 Book-study: Inner Temple of Witchcraft


Remaining payment for Inner Temple book-study

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We return again with a Witchcraft 1- Book study group, adjunct to our growing and amazing community.

This is the fundamental building blocks class to magick. It is an intersection of book-study, community building with classmates, and self-exploration of the hidden fire in all things. Magick!

We call it an eclectic Witchcraft 101.

First Class in June Glassell Park (NELA, near eagle rock), CA. This is an ongoing Monthly book-study. Please understand it is a year commitment, and we do not take late entries into the class after the first month. Attendance is essential. This is about dedicating.

Topics include:

• History of Witchcraft

• What is Witch

• Fire and Light

• Meditation as the foundation practice

• Energy Work, "chakras" Three Bowls of the Body

• Lots of meditation, and practice from the CD companion set AND as I/we've developed in this series over the last few years to make it our own

• Subtle Body

• Hermetic Principles

• Science and Magick

• Magick and Science

• Healing: Self and Others

• Protection and Defense

• Trees as the Temple

• Guides and Gods

• Techniques from personal practice

• and much more...

• Self-Initiation


*a desire to learn energy, light, healing, and commitment to your practice to awaken the inner fire.

**Inner Temple of Witchcraft BOOK before class begins, by Christopher -- Penczak. Available on line or at local bookstores.


***Homework: Reading the chapter, doing the exercises alone or with groups + turn in of that work you do to me, via email.

attending an event outside of the study and practice to expand your study. If you miss a class, follow up is needed.

****Doing the work + Showing up (Mandatory)

Cost: $275 total, $75 deposit to reserve space, $200 due at first class (payment plans are totally available.

Class size limit: 15 people


Glassell Park, Los Angeles

W Ave 35, 90065

Starts JULY 14th, loosely the 2nd Sunday of EVERY month. Commit your calendar to that day, arrange family and work, to make this successful for you.

THIS IS NOT A Temple of Witchcraft "Mystery Tradition" class, it is a books study. It is not associated with the Temple of Witchcraft.

That said we have the blessing to hold Book-study. I am a High Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft working towards building Temple of Witchcraft in LA. We have a good, large community of folks.

I lead book-studies and hold classes as I teach things, so a large part of this work is building into Temple LA traditions, and from personal practice --your's and mine.


Please note this is a sober space

QPOC and allies friendly space

Street parking

We will use natural scents from herbs, sometimes essential oils (usually mixed in oil or incense), smoke, smudge, incense, and oils.

Minors under the age of 18 who wish to participate, must be accompanied by an adult.

Please no small children.

Missing classes require makeup, homework, catchup with host.