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Scott K Smith

Priest, Healer, Artist, Witch

Scott is a Healer, Writer, Teacher, witch, and Priest. Scott's work combines the esoteric + magickal arts of various studies in mystery traditions, a large body of private and public work ranging from healing, ritual, art, speaking and crafting, for liberation. 

A High Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft, Witch, and a Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher and multi-disciplined healer combining an extensive history in treating others, working transformation, and magick with people since the the early 90's, professionally. Their work crosses hedges, tribes, and ideologies.

Liberation through power, love, and wisdom is at the core of their work. Their Priest Work is offered under PRIEST SERVICES, and for more information on Scott’s personal practice such as scheduling readings, body and energy work, and more please visit:


Temple of Witchcraft Profile | Classes & Events | Energy and Massage Healing | Meditation | Readings | Spiritual Support | Weekly Updates and More

Interview at Voyage LA Mazine: http://bit.ly/2qcJobO

Sarah C. of


Creative, Maker, Member

Sarah is the creator of magickal items here at Temple LA, and contributing writer. Her work is also featured on IG @ThirdEyeCapybara. Former community builder in property management, shifted into lover of wood, stone, plant, and found things, magick and witchcraft.

Her work is respectfully centered on love, in power, in relationship with the trees, plants, animals and people she is with. Her current studies are in psychology and human sexuality, spirit connection, plant, animal, stone, and divine spirit workings. Sarah is a member of our book-studies, artist, and is well versed in the arts of creating ritual and magick!

Sarah is a wonderful maker with a genius heart, centered on deep respect, an awesome irreverent humor, a strong focus on community, and an undying love of animals.

For inquiries on her items or work please contact Sarah here.

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